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  • We believe that low-income children and children of color have the same bell curve of human potential as society at-large.
  • We believe that children in this category comprise the majority of children in California.
  • We believe that education is the key ingredient for these students to reach their full potential and for California and the United States to reach its full potential.
  • We believe that excellent schools are just part of the equation. We believe that all students need the equivalent of an upper-middle class support system outside of school to reach their full potential.
  • California is a $1.7 trillion economy with the greatest collection of companies on the planet. We believe, through public and private sources, we have the resources to build these systems.
  • We believe that people are their most fulfilled when they are giving of their time and treasure sacrificially and are connected to a cause larger than themselves.
  • We believe that the proper education of all of our children must be our state and nation’s top priority and that must be reflected in the budget’s and priorities of its governments, its private institutions and its private citizens.
  • We believe that immigration has been, and remains, a dynamic contributor to America’s success. Countries that don’t reproduce at high enough levels and that don’t allow adequate immigration are aging and will not be able to sustain their quality of life.
  • We believe that educating this generation of immigrants is the key to energizing the next generation of American economic success and civic vitality.
  • We believe this is the responsibility of all people – voters, tax payers, volunteers and donors – not just our schools.
  • We believe that the health and welfare of society’s children is the best reflection of the health and welfare of that society.
  • We believe our nation is too divided and the time has come for this state and nation to unite around the education of its children.
  • We believe that if we, as a society, answer this call to action, that America’s greatest days are ahead and that this generation of young people will be the next “great” generation.
  • We believe that THINK Together can play a catalytic role in making this dream a reality.

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