Career Paths

Program Leaders make up 80% of THINK Together’s workforce. As frontline employees working directly with the students and their parents, Program Leaders are the face of THINK Together and they play a crucial role in our success. Since THINK Together often promotes from within, launching your career at THINK Together as a Program Leader is a great place to begin.

Site Assistants support our larger funded program sites assisting the Site Coordinators with many of the administrative functions that come with running a larger site—more paperwork, more direct support for students—more opportunities to interface with the community.

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Instructors work seasonally to provide free, small group tutoring to qualifying students needing extra help with math and English Language Arts. Our Instructors typically work over a period of four months.

Site Coordinators are often referred to as the Principal of THINK Together’s after-school program. He/she helps Program Leaders deliver a high-quality program to benefit students and help to close the achievement gap. A Site Coordinator is accountable for program quality at the school site and is expected to build local solutions to meet the needs of the school community and program stakeholders and also to manage and coach the exemplary performance of staff.

Site Facilitators lead our High Schools programs, working closely with Site Coordinators and Older Youth Program Leaders to provide academic assistance, Credit Recovery classes, and CAHSEE preparation as well as student identified enrichment opportunities to high school youth.

Quality Assurance Coaches, also known as QAC’s lead a number of schools sites. They coach and develop Site Coordinators, set direction, drive program quality, and hold their staff accountable to our standards. Quality Assurance Coaches are connectors. They touch all levels of the organization. Having at least two years experience as a Site Coordinator or similar role is one qualifier to being a QAC.

All Others THINK Together’s support, administrative and management staff members play a vital role in the success of our countless programs and services. THINK Together is a learning organization and that the goal of THINK Together administrators and management staff is to promote learning. Each works to ensure that we are continually fulfilling our mission to nurture, advance and promote the education and wellbeing of children, seeking new and innovative ways to improve satisfaction and performance. Our management staff is responsible for ensuring that THINK Together remains on target with the strategic plan, provides departmental budget oversight and promotes collaborative relationships and growth for staff members.

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