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At THINK Together, it is a strategic priority to be able to demonstrate results.  We want to be sure that our efforts are making a positive and measurable difference for students.

To this end, we engage in both internal and external evaluation practices to monitor and validate the success of our programs. We utilize multiple measures and sources including quality site assessment tools, assessment scores and survey feedback from various stakeholders including parents, students, principals and district administration. Our staff is guided through data reflection processes at least four times per year that ensure they use data to make program development decisions.   Afterschool staff meets routinely with principals to ensure the THINK Together programs are aligned with instructional day needs and goals.  They also take part in the grade-level teacher meetings to gauge student needs and to adjust the curriculum plan as needed.  The result of this work has been favorable.

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“Partnering with THINK Together provides a seamless integration between the in-school program and the after-school program. We see THINK Together as a partner in our student’s education. Teachers see THINK Together as a substantial benefit to our students.” - Maria Soto, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Little Lake City School District

Snapshots of Success

Across program types, THINK Together works diligently to support the goals of the instructional day, which includes providing academic support that aligns with targeted content standards.  Internal and external analyses have demonstrated that in districts where THINK has the strongest partner...


Stakeholder Feedback

Over the last 5 years, THINK has collected tens of thousands of surveys from its stakeholders, including district administration, principals, parents and students. THINK has been intentional in using this feedback to inform program development efforts at both the site and organization-wide lev...


Action Research

As THINK Together has grown and expanded exponentially since 2006, the commitment to data-driven decision making has also grown. THINK Together is committed to engaging in both internal and external evaluation and research practices that inform and guide our actions toward continuous program i...

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