school_districts Partnership Process

To explore partnership opportunities contact Steven Amick, Director of School District Partnerships, to arrange an introductory meeting in which he will provide your administrative team with detailed information regarding THINK Together’s services and operating structure.

Next, we’ll both conduct a “due diligence” phase during which your team may visit nearby THINK Together programs and speak with local references. Once we’ve determined that we’re a good fit, we’ll negotiate the terms of a contractual agreement, subject to administrative review and school board approval. During the first phase of implementation, typically the first six months of operation, we’ll focus on establishing program delivery protocols, relationship building, and communication systems. Once these logistical steps have been completed, we’ll begin aligning curricular content with the identified academic needs of your schools and individual students. Alignment will be an ongoing process that ensures we deliver positive results and continuously improve programs.

Contact Information:

Steven Amick, Director of Policy and Partnerships
Office: 714-543-3807 x8185
Mobile: 619-672-4673

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