Donate FAQs

Why is philanthropy important?

  • Private funds fund THINK Together’s legacy community sites.  More than 200 students have graduated from these programs and gone onto college.  More than 50 have graduated and are the first in their families to earn college degrees.  All are contributing citizens who are doing amazing things in their professions and on the job.
  • THINK Together privately funds several pilot programs that provide the opportunities to incubate innovations we hope can be taken to scale when shown to be effective.
  • Much of the academic and program evaluation work, which supports alignment to local educational goals and student learning, is funded by private philanthropy.  This data is used by our district and city partners for continuous program improvement.
  • Academic enrichment in the arts, educationally-oriented field trips and other special learning opportunities are underwritten by private gifts.

How does philanthropy relate to program quality?

Private philanthropy allows THINK Together to invest in various program innovations which drive improvements in program quality.  Funding from Edison International, University of Phoenix and Broadcom Corporation helped THINK Together deliver a complete installation of a mobile robotics laboratory at 44 middle schools, each one specifically designed to teach students scientific and mathematical concepts through robotics and applied technology.

We are launching digital media pilots through support from Sempra Energy which provide opportunities for students to complete technology projects in digital movie making, graphic design, web design, 2D and 3D animation, MS Office, and give presentations utilizing presentation software such as Power Point, Inspiration, and Keynote.

Through support from JP Morgan Chase, THINK Together is currently piloting digital learning programs in Los Angeles, Orange, and Sacramento counties which have the potential to revolutionize the way programs are delivering, providing both individualized learning and more comprehensive content knowledge.

How does philanthropy contribute to sustainability for THINK Together?

Through philanthropy, THINK Together would like to create an endowment which would provide a stable source of annual income.  THINK Together would utilize annual endowment income toward our operating costs and give us the ability to more effectively leverage public funding.

How is my gift leveraged for the greater good of children?

By supporting THINK Together’s programs, donors are able to leverage federal and state funding to serve more students.   State funding requires a 33% in matching funds in order to provide our high-quality, academically-oriented programs.  By partnering with THINK Together, donors enable us to leverage public funding to impact the lives of 4-5 times more students than could be reached through private philanthropy alone.  Together, we can help low-income, educationally at-risk students succeed in school, enroll in higher education, and prepare to participate in a knowledge-based economy.