Help us achieve our goal of changing the odds for kids, by creating awareness about what we do, and why we do it! 

Each Ambassador has a unique connection to Think Together, but all of them share the common link of being passionate about our mission, understanding our programs and services, and wanting to share information with others about the great things going on within our programs.

Think Together Ambassadors have a variety of ways they can amplify our message within the community. You can help promote our employment and volunteer opportunities at various program locations. You might post pictures, quotes, or the latest buzz on social media sites. Some ambassadors help out at hiring events or with campus activities.

Our Ambassadors are pivotal to the continued success and growth of our community programs, and we make it fun to participate! To inquire about the program, please submit your information below, and our Program Manager will be in touch with you shortly.

Become an Ambassador today, and help us showcase all of the great things we have going on at Think Together!

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    Helping students succeed and watching them develop academically is what drives me to be here every day.
    Rialto School District Volunteer